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Certification from a reputed gem lab can authenticate your gemstone purchases and add credibility to your investment. House of Meraki works in conjunction with Gübelin, SSEF and GIA  to certify every emerald we sell. Gemstone certificates can verify whether your emerald is natural or it’s synthetic/lab-grown and this is the most important information to look for, in your certificate. Natural emeralds are rare and valuable. All Meraki emeralds are natural and we sell them with utmost confidence.

The certificate may also list down information on weight; dimensions and you can verify this information with your invoice. Some certificates include country of origin and the presence of treatments to enhance the appearance of your emerald. Mostly all emeralds are treated with baby oil; it is a centuries old phenomenon, a reversible procedure totally acceptable in the trade. Some emeralds are treated with resins and polymers for clarity enhancement and this should be disclosed at the time of a sale. Untreated gemstones are extremely rare and usually command higher prices. At House of Meraki, our emeralds are generally treated with baby oil and we do own a few enviable pieces of no-oil emeralds.