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Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique. Our team of designers will sketch contemporary designs around your chosen emerald for you to envision.

In-House Mastery

Our Jaipur lapidary crafts stunning emeralds from rough stones, employing seven generations of expertise. With intricate hand-cutting techniques, our lapidary produces various shapes and sizes, each chosen meticulously for our high jewellery, creating captivating pieces.

Our Journey

Transforming History into Fine Jewellery Emeralds, discovered nearly 4,000 years ago, have adorned powerful figures throughout history. At House of Meraki, we embody the bold spirit of today's women through contemporary emerald designs. Our high Jewellery, akin to Cartier and Boucheron's services for Maharajas, showcases exceptional emeralds, diamonds, and pearls, crafted by Italian artisans or transformed heirlooms.


At House of Meraki, we embody the belief of turning your emerald dreams into reality. Design your own unique jewel using exquisite Meraki emeralds in varying shapes, sizes, and hues. Our strength lies in curating a team of globally recognized designers and artisans who collaborate on your project to create a piece of unparalleled beauty.

Jewelry mirrors your identity, and through a thorough consultation, we delve into your persona, interests, and style before commencing work. Presenting a selection of fine emeralds from our lapidary, we collaborate with trusted partners or custom-cut emerald rough to ensure your desired gem. Our designers conceptualize contemporary designs around your chosen emerald, followed by meticulous sourcing of the finest accompanying diamonds.

Detailed specifications guide our master craftsmen in our atelier, where they tirelessly bring your vision to life. All our high jewellery commissions come with certification from a reputable international laboratory.

Exquisite Craft

Handcrafted in our London atelier by Italian artisans, our high jewelry embodies meticulous attention and dedication. Taking months to craft, each piece is a unique work of art, destined to be treasured for generations.

Diverse Design

We collaborate with renowned designers and embrace various styles to create high jewellery commissions, honoring the exceptional beauty of rare emeralds.


Discover our one of kind high jewellery pieces featuring exceptional emeralds.

Gianna Ring

9.60 carats Natural Zambian Emerald complimented with 7.89 carats Baguette and round diamonds set in 18k white gold make a splendid statement by pairing this ring with the matching band.

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Tentacoli Ring

An exceptional array of round and marquise diamonds weighing 2.66 carats, set in 18kt white gold lift up a 16.19 carats Zambian emerald.

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Cleopatra Ring

A 5.4 Carats no oil Zambian emerald enveloped by 1.60 cts half moon Russian diamonds.

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La Scala Ring

An exceptional 5.43 Carats Zambian emerald takes center stage surrounded by round and baguette diamonds arranged at different levels handcrafted in 18k white gold.

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