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House of Meraki

The only emerald focused fine jewellery brand

A Personal Love Story

Founder, Gargi fell in love with emeralds from early childhood, captivated by their uniqueness and inspired by their individuality. Travelling the world, Gargi soon discovered that emeralds speak to a woman like no other gemstone – their natural quirks and distinctive character create relatable, compelling beauty. Celebrated throughout the ages, emeralds also hold powerful meaning, representing good fortune, youth, balance, and peace across diverse cultures and communities. Much like people, no two emeralds are ever the same; it is House of Meraki’s mission to harness this originality and enable every woman to embrace their own uniqueness.

Since 2014, House of Meraki has carved its niche as the only ‘emerald’s first’ fine jewellery brand. Sparked by her innate love of these bold and spirited gems, Gargi set about studying their gemmology, exploring her creative potential, and conceiving a brand that would bring emeralds into an accessible, contemporary, and stylish setting. From its first collection, ‘Impossible Love’, to today’s ‘Engima’ offering, every House of Meraki design is artfully crafted, feels modern yet timeless, and is unerringly individual.

Eclectic Artisanry

Leading a team of skilled designers in the London-based boutique atelier, Gargi interprets the organic beauty of each emerald. Here, blending elegant classicism with avant-garde artistry, emeralds appear in ready-to-wear collections of fine jewels alongside one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces.

Responsible Sourcing

House of Meraki is synonymous with exquisite, sustainably sourced emeralds. Working with Gemfields, a world-leading responsible miner of coloured gemstones, Gargi personally selects each stone for its personal fire and flair. Choosing exclusively Colombian and Zambian emeralds ensures that each jewel flaunts the finest quality, ready to be honed by the maison’s master craftsmen.

Founder’s Note

Women are captivating yet complex, they can be audacious while elegant, accomplished yet imperfect. It is this strong, beautiful duality that I hope to evoke with every House of Meraki design. I believe there is an emerald destined for every woman.

Founder and Creative Director